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Bates Technical College Student

Manager of Student Activities Juliette Kern wrote in her nomination form that Tran is an “exemplary student, passionate leader, eager to step up for her community, and is not afraid to tell her story. She is highly intelligent, and goes above and beyond in terms of what is expected.”

We all know up-and-coming leaders. They are those who take an idea, inspire others, and make it a reality - regardless of their age or background. Many such people are never publicly recognized as leaders, perhaps because they are quiet servant leaders or they are new young leaders. City Club of Tacoma invites you to nominate one of those promising leaders for the Emerging Leader Award.


Previous winners:

2018 — Sophia Tran

2017 — 

2016 — Tarin Todd

2015 — Tara Scheidt

2014 — T'wina Franklin

2013 — Carolyn Othineo

2012 — LaMont Green

2011 — Melody Rodriguez

2010 — Chelsea Levy

2009 — Keith Blocker

2008 — Marty Campbell, Rachael Costner, Gretchen Roosevelt & Kathy Westlin, Stephanie Schuster,

              Sharon Winters

2007 — Matthew Lystra

2006 — Kristen Rehberger

2005 — Brian Boyd, Lynn DiNino, Ryan Bradway

2004 — Deborah Dodson

2003 — Jamie Chase, Becky Fontaine, Emily Reiter, Andreas Udbye

2002 — Valerie Bennett, Linda Danforth, Lamont Loo, Shauna Rae Weatherby

2001 — No data

2000 — Phil Carter, Wayne Williams, Karen Knipher, Theresa Tavernero, PJ Pedron

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