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February 15th Lunch

Long Road:

Post Incarceration

At this emotional event, two former inmates shared their heart-wrenching stories of what it was like to try to start a new life after incarceration. Prof. Janelle Hawes of UWT moderated the event. Our Members got answers to many questions, for example:

Did you know that Pierce County collects their debts through a debt collection agency?

Where do the monies go after Pierce County receives it?

Can a landlord deny housing after a background check shows you are a former inmate?

Devon Schrum, one of the panelists, has served more than 20 years with the WA Department of Corrections in a broad array of positions from entry level typist to operating a prison. She is regularly recognized for the ability to design and implement statewide systems. As the Assistant Secretary for the Reentry Division, Devon is working with others to build a statewide approach to recidivism reduction including designing, implementing, and maintaining a continuum of care for the men and women transitioning from confinement into the community. Devon holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration. In 2014, Devon co-authored Keeping Prisons Safe and Keeping Prisons Safe Field Guide which is still used by the Department as part of its Prison Safety Curriculum.

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